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Thank you very much

#MarkYourCycleRoutes data collection is now closed. Thank you for participating in this effort. This information will be used to plan cycling friendly infrastructure in Cycling District 1. We have recieved more than 130 route files from the public with various types of rides within and around Cycling District 1. We have taken route data from PBS operators as well. View the contributed routes here. We have also taken routes from the CycleToWork platform and mapped rides from 156 companies which fall within the Cycling District 1. View CycleToWork routes here

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Bicycling has picked up traction in Bengaluru city during this COVID-19 crisis. As a socially distanced personal transport option it is by far the best option for distances that cannot be covered by walk.

The Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT), GoK has been at the forefront of mobilising the cycling community over the past 6 years via the #CycleDay initiative to increase the adoption of bicycling as a preferred mode. It has taken up bicycle infrastructure planning as a priority initiative from this year and is committing resources to make this work.

In one of the first of its kind in the country it has designed and working with BBMP to put up 34 kms of Pop-Up bicycle lanes on the Outer Ring Road segment between Silk Board jn. and Lowry jn. near KR Puram.


In order to extend the efficacy of this segment and cover the city, DULT has planned to create Cycling Districts in phases which will extend to the rest of the city over time. The first cycling district spanning approximately 25 plus wards will complement this Pop-Up Bicycle Lane on ORR and enhance its effectiveness. The Bengaluru Smart City Ltd. along with BBMP will take up these plans for implementation.






Lakes & Drains


Transit points

The Categories

DULT has identified the following different use cases for cycling.

  • Cycle to Work routes - Purple line.

  • Cycle to School routes - Red line.

  • Cycle to Transit routes - Orange line.

  • Cycle to Rejuvenate Routes - Green line.

  • Cycle to Shop Routes (neighbourhood) - Blue line.

  • The Process

    Mark routes on the map using tools. The layers that DULT will put out includes ward boundaries, Transit stations, Parks, Lakes, Schools.

    Tools that can be used for marking routes: GPS visualiser, Mapunity Draw, Google Maps or any tracking tool like Strava, mapmyride from which GPX/KML which can be downloaded and submitted to us. You will need to attach the GPX/KML files in the form If you are not able to do any of this please draw up your route on paper, scan it and upload it

    The Timelines

    We will keep this crowdsourcing effort open till 17th August 2020. If your area is not covered in this cycling district it will open up as soon as the plans and budget for the Cycling District 1 is completed and submitted for implementation. Keep a watch out for a notification in this regard on our website and social media channels in the footer below.

    View crowdsourced routes

    View routes from CycleToWork

    Three Steps


    Look at the map to see if your area falls in and around the first identified Cycling District. Observe points of interest in the different layers across work, school, rejuvenate, last mile for transit, local neighborhood shopping activities


    Use your favourite tracking tool like Strava, Mapmyride or draw your route using many tools like GPS visualiser, Mapunity Draw, or Google Map. Mark any points of interest that are not already marked on the map where cyclists might want to have a pit stop.


    If you have used a marking tool export the routes & points as KML or if you have tracked your ride, export the trips as a GPX file and send it to us . If you cannot do any of the above do not worry, just draw up your route on a paper, scan it and upload it instead.

    Looking forward to covering the entire city and making Bengaluru cycling friendly

    Still have questions? Write to us