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Cycling in Karnataka

Bicycling has picked up traction in cities across Karnataka during this COVID-19 crisis. As a socially distanced personal transport option it is by far the best option for distances that cannot be covered by walk. The Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT), GoK has been at the forefront of creating liveable cities in Karnataka by planning and funding for initiatives, projects and plans to increase the adoption of bicycling as a preferred mode through its Green Links Program.

It has taken up bicycle infrastructure planning as a priority initiative this year and is committing resources to make all the city corporations in Karnataka bicycle friendly along with its City Corporations and Smart Cities. DULT has also ensured that all the city corporations and Smart Cities in Karnataka participate in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) India Cycles4Change Challenge and implement pilot proposals for cycling infrastructure and also prepare a scale up plan for the entire city by October 2020 (Letter from DULT to all cities to be uploaded). The Directorate of Urban Land Transport has also committed to fund all the pilot plans in 9 cities across Karnataka who have participated in this challenge.

DULT will also be part funding the scale up plans in these cities to ensure that all City Corporations become cycling friendly in the next one year. DULT is also assisting the city corporations and Smart Cities in Karnataka with frameworks for design of cycling infrastructure and wayfinding, communication & outreach, documentation etc.


As part of this, DULT has initiated a citizen participation engagement for citizens from these 9 cities (Belagavi, Bengaluru, Davangere, Hubbali-Dharwad, Kalaburagi, Mangaluru, Mysuru, Shivamogga, and Tumkuru) across Karnataka to mark the routes which they use to get to their destination when they use their bicycles. The idea of this exercise is to understand whether citizens while using their cycles use routes different from the regular traffic filled streets.

The Process
The citizens of these 9 cities as mentioned above can use the links provided for their cities to mark their preferred cycling routes on the map using mapping tools like: GPS visualiser (http://bitly.ws/9pEt), Mapunity Draw (http://draw.mapunity.com), Google Maps or any tracking tool like Strava, MapMyRide from which GPX/KML which can be downloaded and submitted through the link. If citizens are not able to use any of these tools, they are requested to draw up their route on paper, scan it and upload this on the same link. Belagavi: https://forms.gle/sHg59JxHLjiKDMUM9 The Timelines
This crowdsourcing effort is open to the citizens of Bengaluru till 17th August 2020 and for citizens of other 8 cities till 24th August 2020.

Three Steps
  1. Observe
  2. Observe points of interest in the city across work, school, rejuvenate, last mile for transit, local neighbourhood shopping activities etc.

  3. Mark
  4. Use your favourite tracking tool like Strava, Mapmyride or draw your route using many tools like GPS visualiser, Mapunity Draw, or Google Map or just mark it on a map. Mark any points of interest on the map where cyclists might want to have a pit stop for us to be able to identify public space improvements along these pit stops.

  5. Upload
  6. If you have used a marking tool export the routes & points as KML or if you have tracked your ride, export the trips as a GPX file in the link provided above. If you cannot do any of the above do not worry, just draw up your route on a paper, scan it and upload it in the same link.