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Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) has been set up by the Government of Karnataka (GoK) under the Urban Development Department (UDD) with objective to coordinate planning and implementation of Urban Transport projects and programs. The Directorate is in general responsible for overseeing all the urban land transport initiatives in Urban/ Local Planning Areas of Karnataka and administers the State Urban Transport Fund (SUTF)

Since its inception, the Directorate has implemented many initiatives including service level benchmarking in Bangalore; preparation of policies on parking; preparation of mobility plans for cities in Karnataka; feasibility studies for mass transit systems etc. It is also working in tandem with BBMP, the city corporation of Bangalore and other city corporations on NMT initiatives. The Directorate is also spearheading the implementation of Bus rapid Transit system between the twin cities of Hubli and Dharwad.


To provide efficient, sustainable and integrated transportation systems that enhances Karnatakaĺs economic competitiveness and prosperity while preserving the quality of our environment and communities.



On the lines of National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP), 2006 and recommendation of National Working Group on Urban Transport for 11th Plan Govt. of Karnataka has constituted the Directorate of Urban Land transport (DULT). As indicated in Government Order following are the functions of the DULT.
  1. Periodic assessment of travel demand
  2. Determination of the level of public transport required in different corridors and the type of transport systems required
  3. Assessment & recommendation of the new investments needed creation of infrastructure
  4. Procurement of public transport service from private operators
  5. Policy guidelines for development of total network in urban areas/ new layouts
  6. Designing and developing integrated policies and plans for city level transportation

Guiding principles

To coordinate the planning, development and implementation of a safe, viable and balanced transportation system serving all regions of the state and assure the compatibility of all components including multimodal facilities. The fundamental principles that guide our actions and the organisation are:

Accountability - Being individually and collectively responsible for the impact of our actions on resources, the people we serve, and each other

Attitude - Being positive, supportive and proactive in our words and actions.

Communication - creating a culture in which people listen and information is shared openly, clearly and timely- both internally and externally.

Excellence - Providing quality service that exceed our stakeholdersĺ expectations by being professional and best in all we do.

Improvement - Finding innovative and visionary ways to provide better products and services and measure our success.

Integrity - Building trust and confidence in all our relationships through honesty, commitment and the courage to do what is right.

Respect - Creating a culture where we recognise value the uniqueness of all our stakeholders and each member of our diverse organisation through tolerance, compassion, care and courtesy to all.

Team work - Creating lasting partnerships and working together to achieve mutual goals.

Organisation Chart

picture showing the organisaation chart